Bayah Lebak - Iksa Menajang

Time cannot be stopped

And with it

Change always come along.

Sometimes it is subtle

Sometimes it is drastic

But things do change.

Jembatan Sawarna - Iksa Menajang

Bridges accomodate change

But it also controlled

The pace of change.

[Sawarna 2013]

This is just me worrying about the changes to be in Sawarna my nearest favorite place.

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Legon Pari - Iksa Menajang

I love sunshine

I love the sea

I love the rocks

That is why

I love Southern Shores Of The Java Island

A lot of sun

Plenty of rocks

A dynamic sea

Come and see the beautiful beaches…

[Sawarna Rocks 2013]


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Morning Sun Of Legon Pari

ISO 100, f/11, 20″ @24mm


Legon Pari Sawarna - Iksa Menajang

When you are out there

In places where

Nothing resembles the daily

Life you have back home.


Have fun, lots of fun

With whatever you encounter

Most of them are simple things


Have fun with it,

As those were the best times

You can treat yourself happiness.

[Sawarna Rocks 2013]

Photo of me shot by Agan Oppie using my Nikon 1 V1 camera .. best for travel


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Sawarna Taraje - Iksa Menajang

Two substances.

The rocks are stationary,

Standing still in its place

Waiting for things to happen.

The water a bit different,

Basically flowing from

One point to another,

Initiated by difference

Of temperature

At the surface and

At the bottom as well.

But things assists in it

Being gigantic waves.

Wind, the moving air

As an example.

So many things …

Our life is complicated

Such as the collisions

Of the rock and water

Assisted by wind ..

Choose who you are ..

[Rocks Of Sawarna, 2013]


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Sawarna Taraje - Iksa Menajang

Telling stories

Making photos

Living our life

In fact it is very colorful

Day to day so many things




But nice things

Can be sorted to memories

And as time pass

This turned to simple things of the mind

All gone

Turned black and white.

[Sawarna Rocks 2013]


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Clam Seeker - Iksa Menajang

The sun, the wind and the waves

At the beaches and sea shores

The sun brings enormous heat

The wind brings sea water vapors

The waves brings water many of them

Those were some of the challenges

Of seeking clams along the shoreline

But the slippery and sharp rocks,

The sun’s heat

The stickyness of salt

And the wetness of water


Salute !!!

[Sawarna Rocks 2013]


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Legon Pari Waves - 2013

As molluscs needs a lot of water

Sea water for these clams

That is why a lot of them found around the rocks

And as they often cling hard to rocks

The seekers must use

A sharp short stiff knife

To take out the clams

From the rock

Where they cling.

Careful please.

[Sawarna Rocks, 2013]


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