Borobudur Sunrise - Iksa Menajang

Guarded by

Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu

Mount Sumbing and Mount Sindoro

Menoreh Highlands

And fertilized by

The River Progo and Elo

Known as Kedu Plains

Home of the free warriors

There lies Borobudur, Pawon and Mendut

Temples that shows the greatness of the past

For us to look forward to

Our future

[Borobudur Adventure End 2013]


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Another Twilight In Borobudur

ISO 100, f/8.0, 6″ @14mm


Borobudur Manohara - Iksa Menajang

From the top of the temple

Sun has risen

Water and mist surrounding

Clouds hanging around Merapi

As a reminder

The earth have equilibrium

There is time for rest

[Borobudur Journey 2011]

**one year after 2010 eruption**


Clouds Over Mount Merapi


Setumbu mist - Iksa Menajang

Along with many others

People becoming a herd

Of ideas, of peace, of hatred

Kings overthrown

Rulers take turns

The mist and the temple

Witness it all

[Setumbu Hill Reflections 2011]


Setumbu floating boro


The Classical Misty Borobudur Temple


Setumbu - Iksa Menajang

Surrounded by several hills

Borobudur is a place of worship

Setumbu Hill is a place for reflections

Passing the night with a full moon

Glorious sunrise of Merapi Mountain

Serenity of the valley

A heart at peace

[Setumbu Hill Reflections 2011]


Setumbu - Iksa Menajang



A Closer Look Of Borobudur Temple From Setumbu Hill


Setumbu Borobudur - Iksa Menajang

Borobudur Temple marks an era

Where the people of Java

The Kings and Priests

Builds their heritage

How was it done?

-can you tell which one is the temple?-

[Setumbu Hill Reflections 2011]


ISO 200, f/22, 1/80 @24mm

Nikon D90 + 12-24mm/f4.0


View From Setumbu Hill


Misty Borobudur

Menanti matahari,

Sinarnya sudah menerangi,

Tapi kemana sosoknya,

Ah …. Awan pagi hari menghalangi

Kemilau Borobudur kurang nampak.

[Borobudur 2013]

Belajar Fotografi, Landscape

Borobudur Dari Kebun


Borobudur Merah

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Belajar Fotografi, Landscape

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