Steel and wood in a panel,

Both aged and worn,

Rust formed,

Texture created,

Anyway all is well. 

(Batavia, 2016)

Fotografi, Macro / Close-Up, Street Photography

Rusty Steel


# Stranger 001

A civil service police assigned at Jakarta Old City. 




A bright future lies ahead. 

(Batavia, 2016)

Starting again the series of strangers portrait taken on street or other public places. Sharpening the saw. 

Fotografi, Portrait, Street Photography

Yudho Prasetyo 


Curiosity in us wants to know,

What is behind the closed door,

Is there anything nice hidden there,

Are there something for me.

The clear mind of ours also work,

It warns us to stay the course,

To do things that do not trespass,

Any of the rights of other people. 

Have your consciousness always. 

(Batavia, 2016)

Fotografi, Street Photography

Door And Warning


Look once again,

A lot of things deserve more attention,

More care and more passion,

Another pass is what it needed. 

Maybe the extra tasks you did,

Give a boost to what seems gone,

Another pass,

Another chance,

A new beginning,

A new story to be experienced,

The end no one knows.

(Batavia, 2016)

Street Photography

Another Pass


In life waiting is normal,

A thing you experience each day,

Even when you seem very busy. 

It is a situation where you should relax,

When nothing else required,

Just be calm and enjoy. 

(Batavia, 2016)

Black & White, Street Photography



A mighty fire struck the temple in 2015,

Kim Tek Ie popularly known as Jin De Yuan, almost lost everything inside ..

The Qilin carved at the windows survived partially, though it cracked but the front side seems intact. 

But the side facing internal fire really damaged, black and charred. 

The wiki in Indonesian.

Fotografi, Street Photography

Surviving The Fire


Nearly sunken,

It just lay around filled with water,

People have forgotten,

That once this has helped them,

Getting around the port and homes around it. 

Time .. Wait for the time,

Maybe it will be remembered. 

(Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa, 2016)


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Is It Forgotten?