Orchid - Iksa Menajang

Beauty could be amplified

With a nice surrounding

… A simple foreground

… A subtle background

Things that do not compete

With the message conveyed.

Some times it is

Decided to remove

All distractions

By focusing on the beauty only.

… Let the darkness surround

Then the beauty wil be amplified.

[Jakarta 2014]

*** Learning to dodge & burn using Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush Tool.

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Street Hawker - Iksa Menajang

Street hawker

Making a living in the streets

Selling things people buy

As they pass by .

Small business

Very small business

Run by strong people

Strong minds of the survivor.

Creativity is a must

Since the street is tough

To earn you must

Be different

Than so many others

Sharing the same street.

[Jakarta, Batavia Old Town 2013]

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Macaca Monkey - Iksa Menajang

By the evolution theory

They are genetically not so far

From us, humans.

And the ones in wild forests

Or remote areas

Are really different

Than the ones that have been

Learning about us, humans.

They learnt of our food

And behaviours,

Bad behaviours like




[Bukittinggi 2013]

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Swara Maharddhika - Iksa Menajang

When you practice

Dance and performance

For so many years

Under strict conditions

The result is

A good show for the public.

And the dance will be one

With your muscles

Deep in the brain



You can perform.

[Solo – Puri Baron 2011]

* Melati Putih by Swara Maharddhika Alumni

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Green Leaves

City boy not used to

Live among trees

This metro I lived

Is not friendly to environment

But money is here

We have a saying

Our eyes turn green to see

The things money can do.

But this is not sustainable

Everyone should realize

Green is the future

Provide space and effort

To create a better world..

[Jakarta 2014]

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Fujifilm X-Pro 1

A baby

Still crawling not walking or running

Still eating soft foods

Sleeping, eating and playing

Is how a baby spend time

Words mumbled not understood by adults

Still every baby has their own charm.

[Jakarta, Baby and Batik – 2014]

* Still is photographed using the Fujifilm X Pro-1

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Portrait, Uncategorized

Post #500 Still A Baby


Pindang Indramayu - Iksa Menajang

In the shore areas

Fish are abundant

And it is everyones diet.

Still there are many of them

Wasted if not used.

Expensive and difficult transportation

So they are not able to be eaten fresh elsewhere.

Preservation the only way,

Fermentation and brining is one of the preservation method.

Pindang we call it ..

Interestingly it is kept in enamel pan,

Something rarely seen in the city I live.

Tradition values the people.

[Indramayu 2014]

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